oscars 2012, random thoughts...

I agree with most critics who say this year's show and Billy Crystal were very mildly amusing at best. (How quickly we've forgotten the Franco/Hathaway fiasco of 2011!) Even so, the night had its moments.

Cutest gag. Cast of Bridesmaids, 'Scorsese'! Nice continuation of their SAG gag. Sorry you didn't win, Sookie.
Most desperate cry for attention. JLo's nip slipped, and she didn't apologize for it. Somewhere in Brentwood, California, Ben Affleck is holding his boring, 11months pregnant wife Garner tightly, and thanking God that he had the courage to walk away when he did. 
Trying hardest to be liked. Jolie smiled, wore a dress that I don't hate, and wanted us ALL to notice that said dress has a very high slit.  She tried. She's still a crazy husband-stealing beeyotch, but she tried. And judging by my twitter feed, she failed.  I'm firmly Team Aniston, but I hate Jolie a little less today. 
Best presenter. Emma Stone, what a charmer. 
Best BFFS. Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips. Am I the only one DYING to know if Katie Holmes, who was at the Oscars and the Vanity Fair party with Tom, spoke to her former Dawson's Creek costars? If so, where are the pictures? Do you think Michelle and Busy mean-girled Katie (unlikely), or is Katie not allowed to speak to them (likely)? Is Katie jealous of Michelle's much more successful career (perhaps)? These are important questions! 

Now it's time to get over my bitterness. We have 365 days to look forward to next year's show. Hopefully then, we will have worthy movies, less disappointing nominations, and plenty of stars and performances worth rooting for.

Is it too early to predict 2013 Oscar Best Pic noms for Les Miserables and Great Gatsby? Lead Actor nominations for Leo (Gatsby), Jackman (Les Miz), RG(that movie with Eva Mendez), and my Fassbender (Prometheus)? Lead Actress for Carey Mulligan (Gatsby)? Supporting Actor for Russell Crowe (Les Miz) and Tobey Maguire (Gatsby)? Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway (Les Miz)? 

I can hardly wait!!!

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