things that make me happy, feb 2012...

Time does fly! Here are a few things that made me happy in February...

1. Adele on 60 Minutes.

Anderson Cooper interviewed the delightful Adele on 60 Minutes. I'd never seen so much giggling from two trained media professionals, like two BFFs on a girls weekend. Shortly after, Adele proceeded to sweep the Grammys, and land the ULTIMATE honour: a Vogue cover. She is big-haired, down-to-earth, self-deprecating, Cockney, adorable! Don't ever change, girl.  

2. Downton Abbey Christmas special.

I was so excited by the return of Downton Abbey. And then, season 2 unfolded. Ugh. There was a) Matthew's engagement to the drippy Lavinia; b) Sybil repeatedly visited the garage for a chemistry-free romance with the driver; c) Edith kissed anugly farmer; d) vile Richard Carlisle; e) Matthew's broken penis; f) World War I; g) Bates and the Wicked Witch; h) the Canadian patient; i) Lord Grantham and the maid; j) the Glee scene; k) countless other forgettable plots; and then when you think it can't get ANY worse, z) Bates (the last man you wanted to see topless) and Anna in bed, a scene so disturbing you just can't unsee it! What a mess. 

But by the finale, it all worked out! The useless characters were written out, Dowager Countess Violet nailed her one-liners, Matthew's penis tingled, and ... Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley admitted their love and are engaged! Twirling in the snow! Joy all around! Snow globes for Christmas!  

3. Parenthood

Bravermans: Sarah, Crosby, Adam, Julia. 

I was so involved with the Braverman siblings on NBC's Parenthood this season that I talk to them in my head, and on twitter of course. Last night's season finale was an emotional roller coaster filled with comedy (how does Crosby know FNL's Billy Riggins?), sadness, frustration, and finally, perfection. Each Braverman got exactly what they wanted, which is terrifying. The plots were so neatly and happily wrapped up, it seemed like a series finale. 

NBC: If Parenthood isn't renewed, I'm boycotting all your shows forever!

4. Schmidt on New Girl.

The funniest character on TV.

5. Bonne Maman jam.

I usually just have fruit for breakfast, but when I 'indulge' in a scone or croissant, I top it with this jam and I pretend I'm in my Paris apartment. 

6. Balzac's Cafes.

I love a good cup of coffee, but especially so when I'm sipping it in a cafe that brings me to another place and time. No, not Starbucks. Balzac's cafes are designed in the Parisian style, and furnished with marble tables and classic bistro chairs. Their coffee is rich, bold, and served with almond milk! It's always worth the drive to Balzac's.

What are the little things made you happy in February? How can it be March already?

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