products...that I actually use, pt4: vichy cleanser and avene water

These are two products that I not only use, I can't live without them. 
vichy 3in1 calming cleansing solution.
It's made for sensitive, aging *audible gasp* skin.  I use this at least three times a day--when I wake up, before and after yoga, before going to bed. I like my face to feel really clean, so I need a gentle cleanser that does a thorough job. The proof is in the cotton pad. Sorry, was that too much information?
avene thermal spring water. yep, I buy the largest can they've got.
After I've thoroughly cleansed (fanatically, as we've already established),  I always spray my face with thermal spring water. I suppose it's the equivalent of a toner. Or dunking your face in ice water as Joan Crawford used to do, according to Rachel Berry.  Who says you don't learn anything from Glee? I've tried going without, and then coincidentally my middle aged face will sprout a pimple the size of a knuckle. I've actually used this product for years. When we were first married, R was shocked that I would spend $20 on a 1/2 litre spray can of water. "Why don't you just use bottled or tap water and splash that on your face," he nervously suggested. Bwahahaha, as if! 

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